Oh, Canada!: 5 Great Northern Romances

It’s not all mountains and maple syrup, but love’s a rollicking adventure for these five Canadian couples. From the Rockies to the rink, enchanting romance awaits.

Love Is in the Air: When Royal Canadian Mounted Police Sergeant Jim Cromwell and airline pilot Captain Sophie Berg are hurt in a drive-by shooting, their bond is palpable, even though he suspects she’s the head of the Maine drug smuggling ring he’s sworn to bring down. Then she’s kidnapped, and Jim must decide whether to believe his head or his heart.

Saving Maggie: Reporter Maggie Kendall has retreated to tiny Woeful Creek to take over its small-town gazette and escape the turmoil of her life in the city. But she can’t shake her psychic gift, which incites a serial killer to play sadistic and deadly games with her. Only detective Joshua Tyler has the power to break this bond in time—that is, if she can make him believe her.

Power Play: While being the wife of a professional hockey player may seem like a dream, for Lila Wallace it became a nightmare. Now, just as she’s about to finalize her divorce from superstar goaltender Cahal Wallace, he’s traded to their hometown of Toronto. But a stalker follows him, and he and Lila find themselves thrown back together as he tries to protect her. Can she ever trust the man who destroyed her dreams of a hockey happy ever after?

Her Faux Fiancé: Hotshot lawyer Erik Sigurdson breezes into rural Akureyri, Manitoba, determined to survive a two-week family reunion. He makes his ex, combat photographer Analise Thordarson, an irresistible offer: pretend to be his fiancée and he’ll pay off her grandfather’s debts. But when their fake engagement is complicated by a very real pregnancy, they must sort out just who is using whom and if this sham relationship could lead to a real future.

The Scandalous Mrs. Wilson: Jo Wilson is determined to keep her late husband’s bathhouse afloat despite the Fraser Springs society ladies’ public scorn. Writer Owen Sterling sailed to the tiny Canadian frontier town hoping to launch a serious journalism career with an exposé on the titillating rumors swirling around Wilson’s Bathhouse. But when the town’s small-mindedness lights a literal fire under their feet, Jo and Owen must choose what’s most important: tending to their careers or surrendering to their bubbling emotions.

Sensuality Level: Sensual

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