Love Will Find A Way

When Emily Wilks, a cargo agent with Transcontinental Airlines, meets Bill Bailey, a wealthy businessman, twenty-six years her senior, they embark on a love affair.  They are together for three years when she meets Jack Clemmons in Monaco.  Jack is a younger version of Bill, and could be everything Emily ever wanted.  However, while her loyalty is momentarily tested, she commits herself to Bill who knows, and can overlook, the indiscretions of her past.  Jack, who is deeply attracted to Emily, reluctantly accepts her decision to remain with Bill. Jude Cameron is Emily’s roommate and co-worker.  And when she steals a large quantity of diamonds from the Transcontinental warehouse vault, the police accuse Emily of being Jude’s accomplice.  And while the evidence against Emily is circumstantial, omissions from her past stack up to harm her. Both Bill and Jack have the means to clear Emily’s name.  However, before he can help, Bill suffers a massive heart attack and dies.  Do Jack’s feelings run deep enough to help her, or has Emily’s rejection hurt him too badly?


Release date:  May 13, 2013

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