Love Is In The Air

When Royal Canadian Mounted Police Sergeant Jim Cromwell and airline pilot Captain Sophie Berg are shot in a drive by shooting, their bond is instant and palpable.  Jim is investigating a drug running operation in Maine called The Albatross Alliance, so he realizes he may have been the target.  However, when he learns Sophie works for Granola Aviation, a charter airline carrying celebs and alleged drug kingpins about the world, and her latest contract is for Albatross Marine, his focus shifts. The pair meets for dinner and though Jim is attracted to Sophie, he is suspicious of her.  However, after she reveals her own concerns about Granola Aviation, its passengers and cargo, Jim suspects she is being used.   As their friendship morphs into romance, Sophie provides Jim with information to connect the pieces of the drug running puzzle together.  And when she is kidnapped by one of the drug smugglers, he realizes how important she has become in his life.

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