Thank you so much for spending time with me.  I hope you enjoy reading my debut Romantic Suspense, THE CORMORANT CLUB, which was inspired by my late husband’s tussle with a Cadillac.

Scott has always been in love with Holly, but she is married.  They reunite by chance when a Cadillac runs him down, and Holly declares it was no accident.  They meet to reminisce over lunch and she spots a Cormorant wall plaque similar to one she saw at the scene of her husband’s alleged suicide.  And as she describes her life since the sixties, Scott learns his best friend in Vietnam, who he thought dead, is alive, and had been working with her husband in Military Intelligence.  Moreover, it appears an unbreakable code, Scott and his friend developed, has left the government’s control and is being used for purposes having nothing to do with protecting the United States.  As Scott and Holly’s friendship rekindles into love, they uncover THE CORMORANT CLUB, a murder for hire group, and must expose the club and its leader, before anyone else dies.



The next book up will be DESPERATE OBSESSION, a cautionary tale of sexual fascination.  JAKE FOWLER, a Special Branch detective at Heathrow Airport has always loved his best friend ALEX MACK, a passenger agent.  However, before he can declare himself, she falls for TAYO VERA CRUZ a charismatic pilot, who uses his sexual prowess to ‘persuade’ unsuspecting women into smuggling contraband.  Jake suspects Vera Cruz is a terrorist’s courier, and warns Alex, but she sees his interference as jealousy.  As she is embroiled in Vera Cruz’s operation, Jake discovers she is being set up to clear a terrorist’s microfilm into the UK.  He has to convince her of the pilot’s deceit, before she is in too deep to get her out.


As with many writers, the ideas for my books come from real events.  And whether I utilize my love of codes and coincidence, my experience with planes and poetry, or my fascination with the human condition; all plots eventually thicken.   Naturally the murder and mayhem are figments of my overactive imagination, but if you’d like to know what’s real and what’s imagined, please contact me.

Thank you for your support xoxo